Elimination Blackjack

Competition is the main thing that makes the sport so popular. Card games are not exception. Blackjack and poker are competitive games and all players play to win. This is the main stimulator of the game. There are tournaments hosted to find out which is the best blackjack or poker player.

The tournaments have different rules. First of them is about the chips. There are chips between ten and one hundred American dollars. The chips could be changed to fit the tournaments' requirements better. The rules that apply in normal blackjack games apply in the tournaments, too. However, there are few exceptions to make the tournament ever more exciting. Some of this changes work in the house favor and some of them are helpful for the player.

Some of them include:

  • There are thirty hands that have to be played
  • Each game must have a winner. It does not matter who the winner is- the house or the player.
  • Each dealer has to hit, till he get 17. In this case, if the dealer has 17, he cannot "hit" any more and the player will have the edge.

Let the competition begin

When a player plays in the "Elimination Blackjack" tournaments, there are some things that he must know. The player could choose to split up to four times during the game. When people enter the game, they will note that there are six different decks, which are used in the shoe. This makes it really difficult for the players that deal with counting cards. In some cases, players have to surrender, when they see that there is no possible way for pulling this off. You can surrender any time.

Double down is something that you can do, when you feel sure that your cards are good. You can double down, only in the beginning of the game. You cannot "hit" and then call for a "double down". Also, you can split the cards. In this case, your two cards will be spitted and you will play two hands.

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