Web Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and our Privacy Policy is based on widely accepted rules of conducting such matters. We are trying in every possible situation to protect your privacy, within maintaining our company interest and interest of our users.

When you choose to use our site and services, we gather some personal information about you. Some of that information is Personally Identifiable, like your name, telephone number and all the relevant data connected to your account, and needed for the functioning of our site.

In order of using our services, we need you to supply some information, for example, when you are registering on our site, making any kind of transactions or just participate in surveys. In order to communicate with our services, you need to supply your e-mail address. We can send you all the relevant information about our site, services and offers, notify you about products, updates and similar issues, and supply you with customer support.

When you register on our site, we may place some cookies on your hard drive. Cookies are used for purposes of gathering information about you, preferences that you use on our sites, your favorite places and games, and about links you choose to open from our pages. We use that information in order of giving you the best possible service, according to your preferences, and for statistical purposes, and that information can be used only for our mutual benefit. You don't have to accept our cookies, but you have to know that, in that case, you may not be able to use some specific features on our site, without accepting them.

You shall be notified of any changes in our Privacy Policy.

How do we protect your personal data?

We use all the available measures to protect your personal information, so we can assure you of maximum protection.

Confidentiality of your personal data is also protected regarding all the employees of our company.

To process some of your requests or transactions, we may share your data with third parties included in processing your requests, but with mutual agreement between our business partners and us, your personal information would have the same level of protection as on our site.

We need to collect some info about you in order to keep the legitimate business; we have to be assured that you are old enough to gamble, according to your country rules, that your activities are strictly legal and that you provided us authentic identity.

We shall keep all the information about you only for the limited period, until they are no longer needed for designated purposes.

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