Methods They Used

There are many documentaries created by HBO or BBC that are going to retell you the story of the blackjack team from MIT. One of the most popular versions of this scenario is used by Hollywood to create a movie about that, called 21. In this movie the professor, which is player by Kevin Spacey is teaching the students the art of blackjack. These students are thought how to play and win when they play blackjack. They achieve this trough card counting. This is the fiction scenario of what happened with the blackjack team of MIT. This version is much liked by the audience

How everything started with MIT

There was a professor who introduced the card counting. However, this professor was not part of the team and he did not manage it. The original members of the team were students who tend to play poker in the rooms. At some point, they have come across the course, named "how to gamble". This was a great chance for them to develop their gambling skills.

The first night out

All students were extremely happy with their new acquired skills and they wanted to test them. What's better place to do that then Atlantic City? However, nothing happened as they have expected. The trip was a total failure and because of that they doubted the skills that they have acquired from the professor.

Official blackjack team from MIT

Many of the students lost their interest towards counting cards because of this trip to Atlantic City. Most of them leave it for good. Massar was a member of this team and he wanted to know more about gambling and he was not disappointed by the big failure from Atlantic City. On the contrary, it gave him more inspiration to find more information about counting cards. The result appeared after several months. New people were on the team with new skills and better confidence then the previous time

There were some investments, which boosted the team's performance and because of that the students could win some money from their earnings.

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