European Blackjack

Many things indicate that the origin of Blackjack could be tracked down to France and especially the France during 1700. This is the time, when a game popular as vingt-et-un emerged. It is very similar to blackjack. In this game, if you have jack of spades and ace of spades, you will get extra money for that. This is called "blackjack".

The name blackjack was first introduced in the United States. Many things have changed after the game emerged of the game. One of them is that more cards are used in this modern version. 52 cards are used now in every game. Also, all face cards are worth 10

Rules of European Blackjack

The European version of blackjack is much harder than the American version of the game. Here, the objective of the game is to get a hand, which is really close to 21. in the same time, your hand has to beat the hand of the dealer. If the player has a value of cards in his hand, which is near 21, and this value is higher than the value of cards in the hand of the dealer, he is going to double the money, that he has betted.

However, if the player has blackjack, the player will be pain in a very the very popular ratio of 3:2. The cards have different values. All aces have the value of one or eleven, whatever suits the player more. That's why the hand of the player is known as "soft hand". This means that players are able to avoid bust because they will have the possibility to switch ace's value from 11 to 1, which is really convenient, especially when you know the different tactics and schemes

If the player has a greater hand than 21, he will lose the game and his bet accordingly. If players have hands with values less than 17, no one wins and both of them get they bets backs. The dealer is obliged to hit till he get a hand of 17 or more. This is a common rule in the casino.

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