Blackjack casinos and their history

The evolvement of Blackjack casino online games has reached to such an extent that we now attend blackjack casino online in order to play the same game we have grown to love. Blackjack was one of the first games to be popularized worldwide within the 19th century, it is considered to originate from Spain and France. Blackjack created a great turnover in the gambling places throughout the world, due to the many variations of the game that made it interesting and exciting. Until this day there are many different Blackjack games that are all based on the goal of getting 21 points, and no more. The only thing that differentiates them is the rules, and the limitations of the dealer/player.

Gameplay Differences

The online gameplay is somewhat different from the gameplay of Blackjack in real life. The first thing that you will notice when playing Blackjack online is the speed of the gameplay, when you play one hand of Blackjack at a real life table, you can play at least 3 hands at an Blackjack casino online of the same variation of the game. Once again the game speed greatly depends on your choice, whether you like to play for the profit or for the fun of it.


Another one to the pluses of online gameplay is that you can use any different methods of increasing your gameplay. You can try yourself at card counting or the newly found Blackjack systems.


The only minus of playing Blackjack online is the interaction with the players that would be sitting at your table beside you in a real life casino. Of course you may interact with them by using the chat that's built into the game but that's not the same.

A part from that you can always try out any of the Blackjack variations with no money down online with the help of free games and you will have nothing to lose if you don't like the game.

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