MIT team background

When we mention Blackjack most people that haven't played it before would think that it some kind of game that is similar to Solitaire in a way. When we speak about the MIT Blackjack Team, they have no idea that a team of players can play solitaire and win money at the same time. Unless the people have seen the movie "21" they have no idea what the conversation is about.

So now you might be asking yourself a question, what in the world is a Blackjack team? And we will tell you that it's a team of players that work together with the help of the best techniques in the world and make a living of playing Blackjack in casinos.

First step

The first trip of the blackjack team to the casinos of Atlantic City took place in the spring of 1979, which turned into a major failure with the loss of the whole MIT Blackjack team capital. The team made a decision to split up after the failure of the first trip, the majority of the students decided to graduate and begin work at regular jobs, but the rest decided to carry on learning more complex methods of beating the house with a plan to recruit a new team of players and a search for investors.

Second chance

A couple of players that ended up carrying on the tradition of the university courses began with teaching the same courses that they met at, and recruit students that were capable and interested in the methods.

The team began with a small amount of members and a small investment of $5000 for making bets at the casino tables, with a small amount of profit earned the topic of debate as if the method is capable of making an income.


Upon meeting Bill Kaplan who achieved great success in blackjack and had experience of managing a group of blackjack players in Vegas, before the MIT Blackjack Team received the new stage of development. The first thing that Bill did was watching of the team playing and making certain decisions about taking part in the collaboration under one account - if it was ran like a business. The team began playing as soon as a bank of $89000 was collected from the investors.

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