It is hard to estimated the exact origin of the game called "blackjack". The reasons for this are numerous. However, this is the reason why people speculate with the origin of blackjack. Few people could point the right direction, when you are looking for the origin of the game.

  • Some people suggest that the origin of blackjack starts in France and french casinos, where a very simlar game was played there. It was known Vingt-et-Un which in direct translation means 21. There are a handful of people who believe that the origin of the game is related to many of the French games with cards, including French Ferme and Chemin de Fer.
  • Other very popular theory about the origin of the game is that it originally emerged in Spain. There was a game, which is known as One and Thirty. However, the main rule here is to get not 21 but 31 instead. You have to achieve that with minimum usage of three different cards
  • Romans also have played a very similar game to blackjack and that's why they claim that the origin of blackjack could be tracked down to them. There is some true about this theory. Romans loved gambling and everything even remotely connected with gambling. That's why this theory could not be excluded.
  • In North America, there is one very similar game called 'Vingt-et-Un', which means 21. However, the rules that applied there were very different from the rules that applied in the modern blackjack. Betting was different, also.

21- The old new name

People referred to this game as "21" for a very long time. However, in the year of 1931, the state of Nevada chooses to make gambling legal. That's why they needed to make a new name of the game. The name was suggested by the casino. In many casinos, the bosses wanted to attract more people towards their casinos.

That's why they put special promotions to drag more people to their place. One of the promotions had Jack of spades or "blackjack" drawn. That's how the casinos made the name of the game. The rules are the same and the main goal is to get 21 before your opponent does.

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