Hi-Lo Count

When you deal with counting cards, you must find the balance. You are interested in high- value cards and in low- value cards, when you are dealing with a single blackjack deck. All cards with high value are: tens, face cards and aces. Especially the aces are player's favorite card. They value could be switched from 11 to 1 and back. This is really convenient for all players, allowing them to apply different strategies.

Cards with low value will give the edge back to the dealer. When the dealer has a hand with lower with a value lower than 17, he must get more cards from the deck. The cards with low value allow the dealer to get more cards, without going over 21. This helps him to stay in the game longer than the player

Hi/Lo System- usage

One of the very popular systems out there is called hi/lo system. This is the simplest version of the card counting systems. There are some complicated systems but they tend to be more accurate.

In this system, you will have to keep track of the cards with low and high value and according to this you will have to add or subtract 1.This strategy is probably going the first strategy that you will learn when you enter the world of blackjack. It will be something that you will love one month after you start playing.

Explanations of the system

When you use this system, you aim to find the balance between low and high cards. This system works very simply and you will not have any trouble dealing with it. The cards with value between 2 and 6 are called low value cards and you have to count them as +1, whenever such card is drawn.

There are neutral cards: 7, 8 and 9, where you will add 0 to the score. The other high value cards are: face cards, aces and ten's. You will have to subtract -1, when you come across one of them.

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